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Supporting the youth with the National Construction College

As part of the National Apprentice Week in February 2012, HAKI worked in conjunction with the National Construction College to design and deliver a training course to give the students a 'taster' of the scaffolding industry.  HAKI wanted to give them a chance to work in teams as you would do on site whilst also giving them an appreciation of just what can be done in one day with system scaffolding.


With this in mind, it was decided to do the HAKI 750 Beam Launch so that building a tower, a stairtower and using the 750 system beam could all be covered.  After an initial introduction to the equipment, the obligatory H&S discussion and the distribution of PPE, the students were all set.  The 20 young people were split into two groups, with each group building a complete bridge with two towers, two stairtowers for access and then the 750 beams to make the bridge connecting them together, all done following a drawing and the user guide.


David Wake, Construction Careers Advisor at CITB-Construction Skills London, said "This event was a great platform to promote the benefit of apprenticeships to employers and raise awareness of the scaffolding industry."


The 20 students, supported by construction companies Ardmore, Lakehouse, Laing O'Rourke and Swan New Homes, built two large bridges using HAKI system scaffolding, each bridge spanning a little over 10 metres.


Kath Moore from the Women in Construction Project said "The activity gave our women an opportunity to take part in a brand new experience which has opened their eyes to a very important side of the industry."


The key skills for this task were working together, accurately measuring and being able to read the drawing - all key skills for working in the scaffolding industry.  As part of their manual, there was a 3D illustration of what the completed bridge should look like.


As can be seen from the photo of the completed structure, the students were very successful and completed the bridge to drawing.  All the students were proud of their achievements, many saying they could not believe they had built a whole bridge in one day.  They worked well together as a team and it was a positive experience for them.  A couple of the students even said it had made them look at scaffolding in a new light.

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