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Wadworth Viaduct A1(M)/M18 Repairs

Contractor: May Gurney / Scaffolding Contractor: Pyeroy Ltd

The Wadworth Viaduct is a major interchange affecting the A1(M) and M18 in South Yorkshire.  Between July and October 2009, it underwent essential repainting and repairs that required various day and night-time lane closures.  It was vital that the work caused minimum disruption and was completed on schedule and the HAKISPAN 750 lacing and bracing system made a major contribution to the work being finished safely and ahead of schedule.


In addition to its speed of use, HAKISPAN uses a unique erect-ahead method which sets new standards for safety.  The erection methods have been carefully development by HAKI in conjunction with senior industry safety specialists.  The system has been designed to handle greater loads while also providing a long clear span.  HAKISPAN is based on a few basic components and can also be used with a choice of decking - system boards or traditional scaffold boards.


The area to be scaffolded was 30m long by 13m wide with a loading of 1 kN/sq.m.


There were 7 bays each 1.2m wide by 24.4m long which equals 205 sq.m.  This area was built in HAKISPAN in 6 hours by 5 men which equates to 6.8 sq.m. per man hour.


"HAKISPAN 750 is seven times faster to erect and dismantle than other methods so it reduces programme times and can save on possessions and road closures" explains Paul Brunt, Managing Director of HAKI.  "Our customers have achieved 50% savings on programmes due to the system's fast installation and the reduction in the amount of equipment that needs to be transported and put in place.  We were delighted to work with Pyeroy to make sure they met all their time critical objectives."I


Major Benefits:

  • Erected totally safely using the HAKI beam launch method.
  • Very fast to erect and dismantle.
  • Choice of decking between scaffold boards or system planks.
  • Reduction of over 50% in self-weight.

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