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The HAKI Stair Tower on The Tower

The HAKI Stair Tower being built to 51 stories

Contractor: Brookfield Multiplex
Scaffolding Contractor: JDC Scaffolding Ltd, Barnet, Hertfordshire
Project: The Tower, One St. George Wharf, London

When JDC Scaffolding Ltd were awarded the contract to build a stair tower on the project at One St. George Wharf in London, they had no hesitation deciding which product they should use – a HAKI Stair Tower. When completed, One St. George Wharf will be the second tallest, wholly residential building in Europe, reaching a height of 185m.

The challenge was to build a stair tower alongside the common tower system (designed by Construction Access Systems and the University of Southampton Research Institute for Industry) which would be installed to run multiple hoists simultaneously. The common tower system has been designed to speed up construction and save costs on high rise construction projects. The Tower will reach a height of 185m, with the HAKI Stair Tower being built to 51 stories.

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