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Remedial Works to Mersey Viaduct, Warrington

Contractor: Network Rail / Scaffolding Contractor: J.F.E. Attridge Scaffolding Services Ltd

HAKI had to guarantee both speed and safety to secure a flagship project at the impressive Mersey Viaduct in Warrington.  Contractors Attridge Scaffolding Services had long used HAKI Temporary Roofing and HAKI Stairtowers but were considering using tube and fittings for the prestige project to erect scaffolding for workers shot blasting and painting the viaduct;  that was until HAKI estimated the erection time for their System Scaffold to be 15 man days - just one third of the time it would take to do the job using tube and fittings.


The Mersey Viaduct carries both the arterial West Coast Mainline and local services and Network Rail estimated the cost of closure to be a staggering £10,000 per hour!  Therefore, HAKI's ability to save project time really did provide massive cost benefits but for Network Rail the news got even better when Attridge Scaffolding managed to complete the project well ahead of HAKI's revised schedule, in fact completing the scaffold erection a staggering 40% faster than anticipated.


James Attridge, Managing Director explains:  "The implication for cost savings was impressive but the decision to work with HAKI on the project was sealed by a visit to their Centre of Excellence in Tamworth where they provided a practical demonstration of the unique HAKI erecting method which meant the scaffold could be constructed without the need for workers to "hang outside" the construction." 


"The combination of additional safety and huge cost savings meant that the decision to use HAKI was very straightforward but the decision was further justified by HAKI's willingness to supply the System Scaffold on a part purchase/part hire basis meaning that Attridge didn't have to purchase components which it was unlikely to need on future projects."


Major Benefits:

  • Scaffold erection completed 40% faster than anticipated.
  • Choice of decking - steel planks or scaffold boards.
  • 3.05m x 2.5m grid size dramatically reduced the number of contact points.
  • Unique erection method using the erecting brace ensured total safety and leading edge protection for the erectors.

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