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New Build at De Montfort University

Contractor: Rok / Scaffolding Contractor: High Peak Scaffolding Ltd

De Montfort University's Leicester City campus invested in a new building for the Faculty of Business and Law as part of a £35 million investment.  The building's sheer scale combined with its unconventional design presented the main contractors with a major challenge - as did the completion deadline which coincided with the start of the 2009/2010 academic year and left no room for error.


With the building standing six storeys high upon completion and with a gross internal floor area of 14,500 sq.m., coupled with the tight deadline, High Peak knew that the advantages offered by HAKI Universal System Scaffold in terms of speed, safety and versatility far outweighted those of traditional tube and fittings.


High Peak used the entire HAKI product range including Universal System Scaffolding, Stairtowers, Loading Towers and 750 Aluminium Beams on the project.


HAKI's unique three-to-two board telescopic bracket provided real benefits on site.  Designed to allow access to the buildings' external envelope easily and quickly, by simply undoing one bolt the bracket can be slid back to support just two decking boards rather than three, enabling work to the face of the building to be carried out.


"We are constantly impressed by the level of support, design knowledge and training we receive from HAKI," says Paul Oldridge, Managing Director of High Peak Scaffolding, "but it is the research, development and design of innovative products that helps us to secure contracts."


Using HAKI, High Peak guaranteed that the speed of the scaffold erection and, in turn the construction schedule, would be maintained and never fall behind.


High Peak was so impressed with the performance of HAKI products that it has since invested a further £1 million in HAKI equipment.


Major Benefits:

  • Access via a HAKI Stairtower fully complies with SG25.
  • Materials loaded onto HAKI multi-level Loading Tower.
  • Over 30% self-weight reduction compared to tube and fittings.
  • Three-to-two board telescopic bracket eliminated time consuming, costly alterations tube and fittings would have required.

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