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National Grid Ironbridge Substation

Cape completed the job 3 days quicker compared to Tube and Fittings

Project Brief
National Grid required access on two levels to circuit breakers to carry out routine maintenance. This type of maintenance has to be carried out around 5 times per year.
Key Project Obstacles
Access to the structure had to be close to the workface as well as providing adequate working area surrounding each unit. Speed of the erection was key to reduce National Grid’s overall outage time.

HAKI Solutions
The unique load bearing ledger beam used in conjunction with the beam rider enables off-node connections to be made anywhere along the length of the ledger beam. In utilising these components Cape were able to create a close boarded platform using the 3m long bays without the need for extra support legs, reducing materials and erection time. Each 5 board wide bay gave a clear and comfortable working space whilst providing close access to the workface.

HAKI Benefits
Utilising the larger bay size increased productivity enabling Cape to complete the job 3 days quicker compared to Tube and Fittings.  Over a year this type of structure has to be erected five times saving National Grid 15 operating days. The versatility of HAKI Universal allowed Cape to provide a safe and spacious scaffold, maintaining access to all parts of the circuit breaker.

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