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J.F.E Attridge Scaffolding Debut the New HAKI Bridge System Across Rail Track in Swindon, UK

International system scaffold manufacturer HAKI, has developed the new HAKI Bridge System. Alongside the HAKI Public Access Stair, it is providing temporary access across tracks at Swindon during significant upgrades. J.F.E Attridge scaffolding had a limited time to supply access over the live track and were able to position and secure the bridge in just 15 minutes of track possession time.

Project Brief
As part of the modernisation of the South West and South Wales railways a temporary bridge was required at Gypsy Lane Swindon. During autumn and winter the footbridge will be provided by the new HAKI Bridge System with a HAKI Public Access Stair on each side. This solution had to be a fast and efficient to build to avoid causing disruption to the busy stretch of track.

Key Project Obstacles
The temporary bridge had to span 23.5m across the track and provide a safe, comfortable non slip walkway during the winter months. It required a minimum loading of 5kNsq.m and internal cladding across the bridge to protect the public from high winds. Two 4.7m tall stairs, suitable for long term public use, were to be provided each side of the track.

HAKI Solutions
The HAKI Bridge System was built off site and out of possession time. The simple systemised components allowed Attridge’s scaffolders to build the 23.5m bridge in 7 hours despite having never built a HAKI Bridge previously. Assisted on site by a HAKI technician, the scaffolders found it quick and intuitive to build.
The HAKI Public Access Stairs were erected by 4 men in a total of 8 hours. As the HAKI erection method is to build ahead and always behind a guard frame, building the stair in a potentially dangerous area was much safer and easier minimising risk to the scaffolders on site. Once the stairs were built, the final step was to connect them with the bridge. During one night possession time the bridge was swiftly craned and positioned into place within 15 minutes.

HAKI Benefits
Once the final checks were completed, the structure could be opened to the public. The public access stair at a slope of 31° allows for a comfortable walk up the bridge, whilst the sturdy handrails provide strong support.
The 2m wide bridge delivers ample room for the busy walkway. Along the bridge there are 1.5m high sections to allow for the cladding, keeping the public safe and sheltered from bad weather.

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