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HAKI Public Access Stair takes tourists up to the Tower of London

The Tower of London receives over 3 million visitors each year and is the eighth most popular attraction in London. Whilst renovation works take place, it is important the Scheduled Ancient Monument remains open to the public. The HAKI Public Access Stair delivered a safe and strong alternative access way to the White Tower for up to 100 visitors at a time, allowing works to replace the entrance steps to take place.



Unique Scaffolding was asked to provide a temporary stair for pedestrian use to access the White Tower whilst the installation of new steps takes place. The stair will remain throughout the winter months until August 2015. 


They chose to hire the HAKI Public Access Stair through the national hire company UK System Scaffold Hire.

The stair required had to be able to cope with large numbers of visitors queuing on the staircase during busy periods and lead them up to the temporary entrance on the west elevation.
It also had to provide a safe, comfortably and steady walkway for tourists visiting the historic building.

Due to the historical importance of the building the stair could not be tied to it and therefore had to be free standing.

The permissible load for a tread width of 1.6m and loading from one side is 7.5 kN/m². The stair was designed to be capable of taking a maximum load of 189 people, more than adequate for the required access of 100 people at any one time.

The aluminium treads provided with the stair delivered the perfect slip resistant steps and landings without any additional GRP covers even throughout the cold, icy winter months.

To avoid any potential damage to the Scheduled Ancient Monument the stair was designed and built to be free-standing.

Unique Scaffolding was able to provide a safe, strong stair capable of withstanding the many tourists that will visit the Tower of London during the months whilst the step replacement takes place.

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