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Drop Scaffold at Cunard Building, Liverpool Pierhead

Contractor: ISG / Scaffolding Contractor: HT Scaffolding Ltd

To facilitate the support for a drop scaffold, HAKISPAN 750 Beams were used to construct a HAKISPAN 750 bridge which was moved into position using the HAKI roll-out method to ensure that the entire erection procedure was achieved using collective fall prevention for the scaffolders.


HAKISPAN 750 Beams are the strongest aluminium beams available which have been designed to handle greater loads and provide a large, clear span.


HAKI Universal System Scaffold was then hung from the HAKISPAN 750 Beams to construct an immense drop-scaffold, 28m long by 20m deep, using the HAKI advanced guardrail system to comply with SG4:10 by progressively installing guardrails below the "working platform" using collective fall prevention.


The scaffold was completed by installing steel decks using the HAKI Cadee, an inexpensive innovation that means operatives are no longer exposed to the danger of falling from height when installing system boards because they always work from behind a guard rail, eliminating the need for additional fall arrest equipment.


Close collaboration throughout the project between HAKI's Customer Support Team and ISG ensured that HAKI was onsite when needed to provide technical help and advice - another factor which helped to ensure that the HAKI system of work proved to be not only safer but also quicker and more cost-effective than alternative methods.


Major Benefits:

  • AGR method ensured all Guard Frames were erected ahead of access to the platform ensuring full SG4:10 compliance.
  • Complete overhead support structure built using "roll-out" method.
  • Suspended HAKI Universal erected using the unique erecting brace. 
  • HAKI Cadee used for installation of decks - speeding erection and eliminating falls from height.

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