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Birdcage to Coors Malting Tower

Contractor: Interserve Industrial Services / Client: Coors Brewery, Burton-upon-Trent

Coors Brewery required scaffolding to a maltings tower to enable removal and replacement of the upper-most winding gear and gear boxes during a 12 week shut down.


A loading platform 5.0m x 6.5m x 16.0m high was required to withstand loads of 15 kN/m2.


This was then extended with a scaffold 12.0m x 11.0m up to 30.0m which was to be fitted with a lifting gantry capable of lifting 2 tonnes of steel.


The design was further complicated by the fact that the structure could only have limited ties into the maltings tower and therefore a buttress scaffold 16.0m x 14.1m had to be constructed.


A design was produced in tube and fittings and the labour erection period was calculated as 14 men for 2 weeks or 980 man hours.  (N.B.  This did not take into account the use of the scaffolder’s step which could well have added an additional 10%.)


An alternative scaffold birdcage design, supported by the HAKI team, was also produced using the Universal System Scaffold and included a HAKI Stairtower to the full 30m height.  The scaffold was erected using the unique HAKI Advanced Guard Rail method and the speed of erection resulted in an actual erection time of only 350 man hours.


As Andy Galloway, Interserve Contracts Manager, said:  “This is the fastest, safest scaffold system I have ever used.  HAKI’s on-site support from start to finish was second to none.”


Major Benefits:

  • A massive saving of 630 man hours.
  • A scaffold erected in full compliance with SG4:10 – at no extra cost in labour or materials.
  • Safe access and egress by means of the HAKI Stairtower.

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