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A48 Bridge Works in Cardiff

Scaffolding Contractor: J.F.E. Attridge Scaffolding Services Ltd, Staffs.

When maintenance work required scaffolding to be erected on a rail bridge over the A48 dual carriageway into Cardiff, there could be only one overnight total road closure to get the job done.  Many specialist scaffold companies claimed the schedule was impossible but HAKI and Attridge Scaffolding Services thought differently - and delivered the project on time and on budget.


HAKI's Universal System Scaffold was specified due to its compatibility with this type of construction but more importantly because of its claim to be 60% faster than other methods of construction.


HAKI's design allowed a solution to be developed that met all the requirements in advance of the build.  HAKI also provided all the contractors with the opportunity to meet and conduct a timed trial prior to commencement of the actual project.


Splitting the 50m bridge, two 21m spans and a central support were erected over each carriageway.  Attridge Scaffolding Services erected 320m of HAKISPAN 750 beams during the nine hour road possession.


The installation was completed by four teams of scaffolders using scissors lifts.  Despite critical tolerances, the site was surrendered on schedule at 5.30 a.m.


Four consecutive nightly single carriageway closures allowed two HAKI Universal suspended scaffolds to be erected over each carriageway.


As James Attridge of Attridge Scaffolding Services explains:  "It was not only the HAKI products but also HAKI's commitment to customer support which meant that the solutions to the unique problems posed by this project were both effective and trouble-free.  We have been using HAKI products for about 20 years and our experience shows that the quality of the product is more than matched by HAKI's commitment to customer service and providing technical support."


Major Benefits:

  • 320 lin.m. of support beam fully laced and braced in one overnight possession.
  • 21m clear span between supports.
  • Lacing sizes from 300mm to 3.0m ensure a solution to every problem.
  • HAKI Instructor service ensured no on-site problems were incurred.

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