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HAKI Public Staircase

The HAKI Public Staircase provides safe, fast and efficient public access on construction sites and railways. Adaptable to suit a number of designs and configurations.
  • Designed specifically for public use, the stair slopes at 31º angle for optimum comfort
  • Openings between treads, handrails and guardrails do not allow passage of a sphere more than 99mm in diameter
  • Two types of non-slip treads are available and they are fully compatible with GRP stair tread covers
  • Strong and safe, the stairs are capable of withstanding heavy loads. Up to 5kN with the 2.5m bay
  • Compatible with the HAKI Tripod for extreme heavy duty loads
  • Stair widths from 0.77m to 2.5m
  • Handrails and guardrails are adjustable to adapt to different types of decking
  • A unique locking system for stringers, handrails and guardrails provides the highest level of safety

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