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New HAKI Product in Galvanised Steel or Aluminium

HAKI's new Universal Standard is designed to meet all current European regulations, directives and standards and is ideally suited to moden scaffolding methods and production techniques. This is a modernised and optimised version of HAKI's original standard, which we have been making since 1957.

  • Gently rounded tube end simplies erection.
  • Spigot with 150mm straight-face and an outside diameter of 38mm gives a joint with optimum rigidity.
  • Holes punched in the top and bottom of all standards make it a quick and easy task to strengthen with locking pins for lifting and tensile forces. The permissible tensile load is 20.0 kN.
  • Straight mating surface - eliminates risk of joint becoming jammed. Standard tube and spigot are manufactured as a single unit without welding.  Using modern techniques, the end of the tube is converted into a spigot in three steps. You can't get any safer.
  • The wide spacing between groups of lugs, with an outside diameter of just 48mm, makes it easier to fit diagonals, wall ties, couplers and other accessories, such as hoists.
  • Lugs on the same level means that beams are at the same height too, so decking is flat in every direction. There are no dangerous edges to trip over at corners or at stairways and brackets.
  • Low weight. A 3.0m HAKI Universal Standard weighs just 16.7kg in galvanised high grade steel and 6.7kg in Aluminium alloy.

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